I’m a gay, disabled woman, hows that for cliche? All I need is the kids, but I think I will stick to my pet rabbit, if it’s all the same. Less messy, less money and far more loving than a child, well, they don’t answer back when they get hugged anyway.
So, I was recently diagnosed with ME/CFS and I have been off sick from work for over 20 months now. Technically I still have an employer, how nice, though how long for, remains to be seen. As you can imagine I’m on benefits, well sort of, my ESA got stopped 2 weeks ago. So according to the government, I’m one of those “scrounger” “shirker” types, doesn’t matter that I have paid income tax for all of my working life and still pay VAT.

One thing about me that will be glaringly obvious about me, I’m an angry lady! Just reading about what the UK’s government is doing to it’s weakest and most vulnerable members of society, just makes my blood boil and yes, I am one of those people, so I take it personally. I’m not the smartest person in the world and I don’t claim to know anything about politics. A lot of the terminology that is thrown designed to confuse the average Joe, so they will blindly follow our great* leaders.  I’m an average Josephine and I’m not falling for their deceitfulness.

This blog will most likely end up as one giant rant about my daily dealings with the DWP, Atos, JCP, HMRC and whichever overpaid, private company Camoron gets to do his dirty work.  Whatever happens with this, if you don’t like random and potentially socialist-y rants, it might be better to read something else.

*By great I mean, incompetent, devious and spiteful excuses for human beings**.

**See what I did there? Did ya, huh?

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