The ATOS assessment.

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is absolutely disgusting behaviour from Atos and quite frankly they should all be imprisoned for hate crimes against sick and disabled people.
It does frighten me though, hearing people recite their experiences when they clearly have an obvious disability, what is going to happen to me when I go for my assessment with a mostly invisible disability? Its going to be a long, drawn out battle.

Snow Campion

So, now, to get back to S. This is what happened at the ATOS assessment in August 2012, in his own words.

I was driven to the assessment centre which was badly signposted at the back of a local government building, almost like they wanted to hide it. I eventually got inside and hobbled to the desk, paperwork in hand. They kept me standing for ten minutes or so whilst they loudly talked about their weekends and made coffee in the back room. Eventually someone came out to see me, and after looking at all the documentation, told me to go and wait to be seen.

The bland waiting-room had plenty of uncomfortable seats in it, and none that I could see had arm rests. After a sweaty, anxious and painful wait, sitting and standing as my spine dictated, I was ushered into an office/consultation room. I was greeted by…

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  1. Amaranth says:

    Tbh S’s downfall was that he has the temerity to have several things wrong with him, and they didn’t recognise one aspect of his condition at tribunal (that post will be next). Bizarrely enough, it’s one he has documentation for – he’s registered partially sighted. I hope your experience will not be so arduous. x

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