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Tears of a clown

Posted: November 28, 2013 in Health
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I’ve cried every day for two weeks. I suspect I may be depressed, ya think? I’m fed up with this ME/CFS/Fibro or whatever I have. The constant pain, feeling ill and never getting good sleep. I hate having to rely on others because I can’t look after myself, let alone anyone else, any more. I feel useless, worthless and guilt ridden for feeling that way. I detest having to depend on pain pills just to get through the day and I hate myself for writing this. Publicising my misery to what end? I’d like to think it wasn’t for attention, but I would probably be lying, but, I need to vent and hide at the same time. Tomorrow is another day and more of the same I expect. Get to go to the CAB office and will probably be told things that I already know. Another wasted, pain filled journey to look forward too. Fun times.

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